A Certain Ratio - To Each

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A Certain Ratio, To Each, Double Red Vinyl LP

The sound of the embryonic ACR had been a jittery affair. A thick soup of chopping funk spliced with a lonesome trumpet and topped with snaps, whistles and Simon Topping’s evocative dour vocals. It seemed to hang in the Mancunian gloom. I fully admit, it took me a while to catch the drift…a fact perhaps not aided by Tony Wilson’s insistence that “…they are the new Sex Pistols”. A claim founded in nothing other than the undeniable fact that they were forging their own path, less obviously expansive than The Pop Group but frenetic nonetheless. It was with the arrival of drummer Donald Johnson that truly set the course. A fact that became apparent on the early single ‘Flight’, a lovely airy shuffle that prized the band away from the shadow cast by label-mates Joy Division.

A Certain Ratio and Mute launch a long awaited series of reissues. The series begins with the reissue of a selection of the Manchester’s band’s albums and will continue into 2018 with a compilation in April followed by further releases and a rarities box set.

The first albums set for release include the band’s debut release, THE GRAVEYARD AND THE BALLROOM, which originally came out on Factory Records in December 1979. The album is available here on CD and special edition vinyl with coloured PVC sleeve.

In addition, the albums ‘To Each’ (1981), and FORCE (1986) are released on CD and coloured vinyl. ‘To Each’ is pressed on red double vinyl. ‘Force’ is released on yellow vinyl.


1. Felch
2. My Spirit
3. Forced Laugh
4. Choir
5. Back to the Start
6. The Fox
7. Loss
8. Oceans
9. Winter Hill

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