Record Collector Album Review - 'In Mind' by Real Estate

Record Collector Album Review - 'In Mind' by Real Estate

In Mind (Indie Exclusive Colour VInyl LP)

Domino WIGLPX378 (Indie Exclusive Edition)

by Mischa Pearlman

For their fourth album, mellow Brooklyn-based dream poppers Real Estate find themselves on perhaps their finest form to date. Propelled by a slight shift in line-up - not to mention main man Martin Courtney settling into life as a new dad - there's a sprightliness to these 11 songs that was largely absent in the tempered folk-rock of their previous three records.  Opener Darling's melancholy, lazy lilt and glossy production give a slowed-down nod - intentional or otherwise - to Dire Straits' Walk Of Life, down to that song's distinctive, defining riff. Of course, there's a sliver of Real Estate's trademark nostalgia present, too, but it takes a bit more time to manifest on this record.  Instead, on the likes of After The Moon and the mild, pastoral chug of Diamond Eyes, there's an overt sense of hope, warmth and satisfaction. With that comes an energy that combines winningly with the band's heightened sense of purpose.  Stained Glass and Same Sun are the two exceptions. Both songs lack that extra dynamic, and instead plod along in somewhat tepid one-dimensionality. Somehow, though, that doesn't break the dreamy, wistful spell of the album as a whole.  

Available as an Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Heavweight Colour VInyl LP