Pre-Sale Orders

Pre-sale orders are subject to manufacturers supply and their decisions as to how and when to distribute that supply.  We cannot guarantee fulfilment of your order in circumstances that are beyond our control.

Occasionally there is a delay in the manufacturing process that may also delay your delivery, if this should happen then we will keep you fully informed at all times.

On very rare occasions the manufacturers may change the original price of the item.  Should this happen we will notify you of such changes as it we reserve the right to increase the price in these circumstances.

Where the item is listed is a Pre-Sale Order, the release date is clearly stated within the detailed of the listing.  We use our best endeavours to get the item to you on the release date, or very shortly after, however the timing of the supply distribution and also the speed of the Royal Mail is beyond our control.

In any event we will always keep you fully informed as to what is happening.