Regrettes - How Do You Love?

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RELEASED ON:09/08/2019

The Regrettes step things up another gear with the news that they’ll release their second album ‘How Do You Love?’ on August 9th via Warner Records.
‘How Do You Love?’ is an album about the most universal of emotions: love. Throughout the record, 18-year-old frontwoman Lydia Night details the rise and fall of a relationship. It charts that first rush of butterflies, through to a destructive break-up, but ultimately finding peace and closure. Night introduces the album with a spoken-word poem before The Regrettes – completed by Genessa Gariano (22, guitar), Brooke Dickson (24, bass) and Drew Thomsen (22, drums) – take listeners on a journey through love’s varying experiences. Whether your experience is romantic, platonic or simply self-love, it proves that you’re never alone.

Side A
01. Are You In Love? (Intro)
02. California Friends
03. I Dare You
04. Coloring Book
05. Fog
06. Pumpkin
07. Stop And Go
08. Dress Up
Side B
09. Dead Wrong
10. More Than A Month
11. Go Love You
12. Here You Go
13. The Game
14. Has It Hit You
15. How Do You Love?

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